Ajay Tijore, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ajay received a Doctoral degree from NTU Singapore where he worked in stem cell mechanobiology field. He then worked with Prof. Michael Sheetz at Mechanobiology Institute, NUS as a postdoc. There, he found that cancer cells were vulnerable to mechanical forces and selectively killed by application of external mechanical forces. In Nov 2021, he joined the Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) where his lab works on investigating the effect of mechanical forces on cancer cell growth and in regulating stem cell fate using custom-built microfluidic devices and micro/nanoscale biomaterials.


Current Members

Alka Kumari
PhD student (Jan 2022)

Hello. I am Alka Kumari. I joined PhD program at BSSE in January, 2022. I am interested in exploring the mechanical aspect of cancer biology. Currently, I am studying the role of confinement in mechanical force-induced cancer cell killing. Apart from my research, I enjoy an occasional walk, writing poetry and trying new cuisines.

Manasa Veena
PhD student (Aug 2022)

Hi, I am Manasa Veena, a PhD student in 'Mechanobiology Lab' since Aug 2022. Cancer biology is my research interest in a broad sense. My project focuses on understanding the process of mechanical-induced cancer cell killing and underlying mechanical cues involved. My hobbies include painting and reading nonfiction.

Akshay Kumar
Project Associate

Research Interest: Acoustics scanning, tomography, array transducers,  PMUT, bio Fluids Sensing, circuit design, software development, artificial intelligence

Joining soon

Abhishek Goswami
Project Associate

Hi, I am interested in developing novel strategies for cancer diagnosis and treatment. My project focuses on using ultrasound for selective mechanical force-induced killing of cancer cells in oral cancer. My other interests include music and food.


       Name                                                                         Position                                     Year                                      Current Position

Srinivas Prabhu                                   Research Associate                   2022               PhD student @MBI, NUS Singapore

Dhruba Dey                                                 Summer Intern                      2022               Bachelor student @IISc, Bangalore

Megaswana Guruprasad                      Summer Intern                      2022               Bachelor student @VIT, Vellore